Are you Happy ??

Are you happy?
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May you tell me a thing that will bring you peace ??? If your answer is a tangible thing, my friend you don’t understand how life works! It is a fact that we have only 24 hours to us, how do we use it makes all the difference. Everyday you meet with people and have chance to touch their lives. What makes you happy is a simple thing you do for a stranger without in return of anything. That peace is eternal. So when you seek for your happiness be sure not to copy a way that feels lucrative to you. This is one exam where there is no same answer for everyone. When you understand this fact life will be little easier and you will choose anything based on your happiness.

I am a Trek leader at Miles to Trek and when I take group on mountains I have seen so many people giving up and thinking of going down. But my happiness comes when I help them in understanding that they may seem tired, out of breath.

At that time only one thing that needs to work properly and that is the brain. If the brain understands that there are no limitation in what one thinks there can never be any limitation that can stop them. When they get up and complete the trek they can feel the illusion of hard and tiring is all mental. The only barrier that they have to cross is the one inside their head. And that is what happiness is all about the barrier we have in our mind. We are distracted by the social barrier of getting a job, doing something the society thinks is correct. But in the process we forget to ask ourselves what we really want.

So I challenge you to ask the question “What makes you HAPPY?” just this time remove all the filters. And I can assure you, everything you do after that will be for that intangible thing called PEACE.

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Written by : Trek Leader Naveen Kumar